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Ownership vs. Buy-In: Your team authentically committed to one vision
As a leader of a team or an organization, you’ve likely experienced a situation similar to the following:

You have a big idea – a new strategy or project, or maybe an aggressive growth plan. You share it with your team, hopeful that it will be met with enthusiasm. Your team seems to buy in. You wait for the results…but they are not even close to what you had expected.

Does this sound familiar?

Based on Vanto Group’s experience, this is an all-too-common occurrence in today’s corporate world. And what we see many leaders miss is the critical difference between employee ownership and buy-in.

If I buy into an idea, it’s still your idea. I may agree with it. I may even like it. But it’s not really mine.

That’s different from ownership, in which each employee has the organization’s goals like they are that person’s individual goals. They’re not doing something merely because it’s their job. They are doing it because it matters to them – it’s their self-expression.

When people’s work becomes their self-expression, you get a level of power that you can’t get with traditional buy-in or consensus. When employees have that level of responsibility, that level of ownership, they start being naturally innovative and proactive. They come up with ideas that the executive team might have never thought of, and their day-to-day actions are consistent with the organization’s goals.

So, how do you have your employees own the goals of the organization as their own?

In this webinar, Vanto Group Senior Consultant, Ruy Castelan, will cover:
• What is organizational alignment and why is it important?
• How to enroll your employees into owning the future of your organization
• Example cases that illustrate the power of alignment
• Questions & answers

Jan 28, 2021 03:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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